Andraab specializes in the finest textiles and hand embroideries. Embroidery is the technique of working designs in threads of silk, cotton, gilt silver and gold wire on a woven cloth
with a needle.


All our products are hand woven and hand embroidered with great attention paid to workmanship and quality. We use various
fabric bases, including cashmere, silk and blends of fabrics to produce one-of-a kind Bed Spreads, Wall Hangings, Throws, Shawls,
Stoles, Scarves and Jackets.


Andraab draws inspiration from traditional patterns and contemporary trends. In the early 15th century, the arts of weaving and hand embroidery traveled from Persia to the Northern
part of India, later flourishing in the state of  Jammu and Kashmir. Inherently possessing a Persian character, our embroidery patterns are intricate in nature and elegant in style. These complex patterns require great skill and mastery, and can take months to create.